why custom?

We believe beauty is synonymous with longevity, and longevity is synonymous with value. Furniture is a work of art that should earn its space in your home, and last for generations. Like art, furniture should age gracefully and grow more valuable with time.

We love working closely with clients who share this value, and want to create something that feels deeply personal: a table, bench, desk or chair that's exactly as you would imagine it, a piece of furniture that feels as much at home in your house as you do. 

our process:

To create a piece that you love, we start by listening. What is important to you about your home? What mood do you want to accomplish for your family and guests? What things--furniture or other items--do you value, simply love or would never want to part with? What should this new piece work well with that you already own?

After we discuss your vision, we'll put your ideas through our filter. What would make this piece smarter, more functional, more comfortable, more beautiful? What would give it ultimate durability and lasting value? What kind of wood or stone would best compliment our design?

At this point, we'll share drawings to illustrate our shared direction, and decide together what might need changed or improved before we build. Once building begins, we'll keep you informed about any changes that might need to occur, until we're ready to deliver your own custom work of art to your home. 

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