We believe beauty is synonymous with longevity, and longevity is synonymous with value. Furniture is a work of art that should earn its space in your home, and last for generations. Like art, furniture should age gracefully and grow more valuable with time.

We love working closely with clients who share this value, and want to create something that feels deeply personal: a table, bench, desk or chair that's exactly as you would imagine it, a piece of furniture that feels as much at home in your house as you do. 




To create a piece that you love, we start by listening. What is important to you about your home? What mood do you want to accomplish for your family and guests? What things--furniture or other items--do you value, simply love or would never want to part with? What should this new piece work well with that you already own?

After we discuss your vision, we'll put your ideas through our filter. What would make this piece smarter, more functional, more comfortable, more beautiful? What would give it ultimate durability and lasting value? What kind of wood or stone would best compliment our design?

At this point, we'll share drawings to illustrate our shared direction, and decide together what might need changed or improved before we build. Once building begins, we'll keep you informed about any changes that might need to occur, until we're ready to deliver your own custom work of art to your home. 

Learn more about some of our recent custom projects, here. 




This is the story of how our custom 26-foot white maple table came to life in the RAVENWOOD farm Tk-year-old-barn in Olivebridge, NY.   

Ravenwood_Harvest_Dinner068 copy.JPG



Chris Lanier and Dana McClure of Ravenwood Farm have had vision for their elegant dinner party series since it began back in Brooklyn, NY, in 2010. When they approached us about creating a table as the centerpiece for their expertly restored barn in Olive, NY, where their business has made it's new home, we knew it had to be perfect: beautiful, sturdy, flexible, and both a statement piece and a touch understated at the same time. It needed to contrast the dark aged wood of the barn's structure and beams, and compliment the quietness of the TK-bleached floors. The table would become the backdrop for beautiful table settings, elegant floral arrangements, and above all the stunning meals that Chris, a chef and food stylist, would create to feed guests that include notable designers, artists, food lovers and neighbors from New York and beyond. It would need to be durable enough to outlive wine spills and candle wax, the markings of the workshops and meals and gatherings and celebrations that would be held there. 

Functionally, the table also needed to be flexible. To serve crowds that could morph from 10 to 30, it needed to live as one long table with 15 chairs on each side, but be able to quickly morph into two smaller tables, or even three, depending on demands. Because we wanted to work with a local wood that is durable and light in color, we chose white maple. Using all hand-joinery, we built a table in the classic Parson design, with legs at the four corners, which gives both versatility and ultimate comfort for guests. This design also mimics the structure of the barn, a subtle detail that gives the eye the feeling that everything belongs. Each piece was hand-sanded three times to a flawless satin, a detail guests and clients never have to think about, but we know can elevate every other thoughtful experience at the table. 

Learn more about Ravenwood's dinner series here, and see more images of our table and their barn on Remodelista.