We believe that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Our minimalist pieces are inspired by the centuries-old tradition of hand-craftsmanship, wood joinery and focused design. Brought to life with contemporary shapes and modern practicality, our heirloom-quality pieces are crafted to compliment a design-savvy lifestyle, and persevere through generations.


The Hudson Workshop uses only renewable hardwoods, harvested in upstate New York. We work with local artisans and resources closest to home, so that each piece is produced with minimal energy and without waste.


Each piece in our collection is designed and handmade with skill rooted in four generations of old world craftsmanship. Every piece of wood and leather is hand-inspected, and chosen for its quality and character. We put great heart into choosing wood that will last and age gracefully, creating finished products that we believe your children will cherish as much as you will.